Bacio di Bolle pink moscato

190,00 MDL

Grape Varieties Muscat&Merlot
Alcohol 7.0%
Category Pink sparkling wine
Style Sweet
Liters 0.750 L
Region Moldova
Country of Origin Republic of Moldova
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It is a delicate sparkling wine, made from Muscat grapes and paired with Merlot varieties. This charming combination is produced by the Charmat method and has an attractive ruby-pink color. Vigorous biting taste and a bitter-spicy taste a little more pronounced than Campari. The wine has a bright and elegant personality, with a refined aroma of classic Muscat, followed by a touch of strawberries and axes. It has a taste full of energy and refinement, enriched with shades of sweet red fruits. A sparkling wine full of sensuality and refinement with a strong and vigorous taste of bitter-spicy bite. Perfectly completes special occasions.
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