Bacardi Oakheart 1l

460,00 MDL


Type rum Spicy
Age 2 years
Country of origin Cuba
Quantity 1 l
Aroma Cinnamon honey
Alcohol 35%

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Bacardi Oakheart is a spicy, rum-based drink and is so named because some rum is matured in oak barrels previously used to store bourbon. Appeared only in 2011, it is the “little one” of the Bacardi family, the most awarded rum brand of all time, with over 550 awards won. Specialists say that this variant was invented especially for Coca-Cola, the two combining perfectly. A perfect option for a cheap gift, a special occasion to celebrate with friends or if you are a lover of rum. Bacardi Oakheart tasting notes Taste: Sweet, strong honey and cinnamon. Smell: Predominantly vanilla, with subtle notes of cinnamon and oak Finish: Short, fine, where the taste of vanilla is lost in that of cinnamon. Color: Gold, dark caramel This product does not contain drip.
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