Livrare Gratuită în raza orașului Chișinău
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Livrare Gratuită în raza orașului Chișinău

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Surprise your loved ones with a beautiful gesture! With non-stop delivery of flowers and gifts throughout Moldova

Offer No. M16 2.150,00 MDL
Offer No. M15 1.999,00 MDL
Offer No. M14 2.090,00 MDL
Offer No. M13 1.690,00 MDL
Offer No. M12 1.690,00 MDL
Offer No. M11 2.890,00 MDL
Offer No. M10 1.590,00 MDL
Offer No. M9 1.700,00 MDL
Offer No. M8 2.090,00 MDL
Offer No. M7 1.750,00 MDL
Offer No. M6 2.150,00 MDL
Offer No. M5 1.950,00 MDL
Offer No. M4 1.999,00 MDL
Offer No. M3 1.999,00 MDL
Offer No. M2 1.850,00 MDL
Offer No. M1 1.850,00 MDL
Oferta Nr. S2 2.800,00 MDL
Oferta Nr. S1 5.000,00 MDL
Oferta Nr. S8 - Imperial 4.200,00 MDL
Oferta Nr. S7 2.700,00 MDL
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Delivery of flowers and gifts Moldova

Do you want to order flower delivery in Moldova or in Chisinau? Then is exactly what you are looking for. We offer a wide range of bouquets and fresh floral arrangements at the best prices. Here you will find bouquets of flowers of Dutch origin, in a word, on the online store you will find a gift for any occasion (Birthday, anniversary, February 14, Valentine’s Day, March 8, etc.) with taste and planned budget. We are committed to delivering flowers to your home in Chisinau or throughout the Republic of Moldova the date and time you specified! In this way, we make sure that the arrangements or bouquets that we make with such pleasure, reach the recipient in impeccable condition and in the shortest time! Moreover, we are your accomplices when you want to surprise those you care about, but who are not physically close to you and we help you by giving you the opportunity to send flowers to any corner of Moldova, through the delivery service. flowers in the country, to impress the hearts of your loved ones! Order with confidence from the online store We accept online payment from anywhere in the world. (UK, France, Czech Republic, Israel, Romania, USA, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands)
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