Delivery and warranty

-Delivery of products:

Delivery is made throughout the Republic of Moldova. For some orders, it is advisable to notify us 2-4 hours before the desired delivery time. We also have orders that will not be delivered quickly. For example, a custom cake is made within 40 hours. Delivery within the city of Chisinau is free. Orders over 1000 lei are also delivered free of charge within the city of Chisinau. Outside the city of Chisinau, the delivery price is 8 lei / Km. Delivery will be confirmed by a message on the phone number indicated when placing the order, and a picture with the time of delivery and the floral arrangement will be sent to your email (the photo is taken with the consent of the recipient).

All our couriers will wear a white shirt, bow tie and gloves, so that your gift will be delivered pleasantly and elegantly.


-Delivery time:

In Chisinau, as well as in the suburbs of the city, the order is delivered within 2 hours after its payment. In the rest of Moldova, the order can be delivered in at least 6 hours after payment.



We guarantee full privacy if you opt for anonymous delivery!


-Guarantees offered by the website:

This website is offered to its customers / visitors in its current form (as it is or is currently available), without any warranty, expressed or interpreted. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on the order placed and paid on, under the following provable conditions: flowers delivered inadequate quality (dried / wilted flowers, broken holes, damaged arrangement, broken container, broken container), delivery not according to specifications recipe / picture content. Refunds are not provided for subjective reasons such as “I don’t like it”, “I don’t think it’s done correctly” or for any loss of documents included in the package by the carrier or consignee (such situations are resolved by returning the document and a gift of apologies from the company etc. Also, if a customer signs for delivery compliance, post-delivery complaints will not be considered. Any customizations of the products, requested by customers only on the basis of a description or a picture taken by other florists (labor may differ, working materials and quality of flowers), will be made strictly under the responsibility of the customer, any subsequent complaints can not be taken in consideration, than strictly related to the freshness of the flowers. Very important! Complaints received only with / from the customer identification data received in the order (email address or phone number, full name) are accepted. We cannot accept or process complaints from persons other than the paying customer mentioned in the order placed on the website / telephone / email / messaging. The money will be returned only for sustainable and provable reasons from the pictures (damage, breakage, breakage, wilting). Refunds, in the situations mentioned above, can only be made under the conditions mentioned in Article 10 of this set of terms and conditions.

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