Set of helium balloons “Silver”

690,00 MDL

             Set composition:
– 2 star foil balloons
– 2 heart foil balloons
– 10 latex balloons

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“Silver” Helium Balloon Set created for people with charming and elegant tastes.
It is a “species” of white that is delimited by it due to its multiple incidence of the precious metal Silver, and the word “silver” itself derives from a Sanskrit word meaning white and shiny. White and bright, silver is like a symbol of any form of purity. He is pure light, as it is received and rendered by the transparency of the crystal, the clarity of the water, the reflections of the mirror, the brilliance of the diamond, it resembles the clarity of conscience, the sincerity, the loyalty of action, he calls the fidelity that flows from here.
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