Luxury Helium Balloon Set

693,00 MDL

          Set composition:
– 2 golden chrome balloons
– 5 golden latex balloons
– 5 black latex balloons

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We come to you with a new set of balloons for luxury lovers, this set is created from 2 colors that say a lot.
-The significance of the golden color in the general perception of the golden color is attributed to the segment of wealth, extravagance and opulence, due to belonging to the precious metal: GOLD .In essence, the golden color is a solar color, a color of warmth, passion and love. Gold exudes positivity, optimism and tradition (gold being among the first most transited goods in the world). It is a color of the winners: the first place on the podium is rewarded with GOLD.
-The significance of the color black due to the strong emotions it generates, the color black has aroused many controversies over time, it is certain that black is authoritarian, highlighting and strong! Precisely for these reasons, black was and is used as an “ambassador” of luxury, prestige and power.
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