Irish Whisky Jameson

765,00 MDL

Type Whiskey Blended Grain
Alcohol 40.0%
Age Standard
Liter 0.7 L
Country of Origin Scotland


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Jameson Original Irish Whiskey is a blend with woody aromas, sweet notes of vanilla, malt and spices, borrowed during maturation for at least 4 years in sherry barrels. Triple distilled, this classic assortment is certainly a special one, appreciated by everyone, which pleasantly surprises even the most stubborn critics. Irish blend is known worldwide for its compatibility with ginger beer assortments. Tasting notes: Smell: Floral, woody, spicy notes and fresh tones of freshly cut grass. Taste: A harmonious aromatic profile, composed of orchard fruits, nuts. , vanilla, spices and sherry accents.Finish: Medium, spicy, sweet, with hints of honey.Color: Golden honey.
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