Martini Rosso

315,00 MDL


Product Type Vermouth
Color Red
Alcohol 15.0%
Quantity 1 l
Aroma Plants, Herbs
Country of Origin Italy
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Martini Rosso is the first assortment of the brand and the only vermouth in the world created towards the end of the century. in the 19th century. The recipe for this assortment is secret, being known only by a few people who work in the company. The aromatic nucleus is composed of Italian herbs, to which other medicinal and aromatic plants are added. To enjoy the fascinating aroma of the assortment, it is recommended to consume it with ice, lemon juice or with a slice of orange. For those who prefer sophisticated combinations, Martini Rosso can be used as an excellent base for cocktails, being also perfectly compatible with cherry juice or cola. Tasting notes: Smell: Fruity notes, sweet, with tobacco accents and bay leaves. : A rich mix of sweet-bitter flavors, combining notes of espresso, cinnamon, licorice, tobacco leaf, anise and nutmeg. Finish: Delicate, rich and complex. Color: Reddish brown.
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