Bacardi Carta Blanca 1l

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Type White rum
Country of origin Cuba
Quantity 1 l
Aroma Vanilla almond
Alcohol 37.5%
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Bacardi is the best-selling brand of alcoholic beverages in the world. The Carta Blanca assortment is the descendant of the first Bacardi rum created in 1862 by Don Facundo Bacardi y Maso. It remains faithful to the traditional production process, being filtered twice through coal and aged for a period of one year in American white oak barrels, between the two filtrations. The assortment has a velvety texture, a well-balanced taste and a clean, peppery finish. Bacardi Carta Blanca can be enjoyed simply, but it is good to know that it can create an excellent base for a long drink. Tasting notes: Smell: Seductive notes of fried and citrus almonds, complemented by delicate fruit aromas and floral accents. interesting candied apples and pears, vanilla, caramel, grassy tones and a little pepper.Finish: Long, peppery.Color: Colorless.
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