Bouquet of red tulips-Premium

1.170,00 MDL

21 x Red Tulip
10 x Beargrass
5 x Eucalyptus
1 x Packaging

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Romantic bouquet of red tulips – Do you want to make a romantic gift for your loved one? The bouquet of red tulips is the perfect choice for a gift on Valentine’s Day, March 8 or simply to make her smile. Premium quality and with delicate petals, red tulips are the symbol of young love and new beginnings. If you want to create an unforgettable surprise, this bouquet of red tulips will convey to her how special she is in your life. Eucalyptus leaves bring out the beauty of the flowers even more, and the black packaging adds elegance to the whole bouquet. Through online florist, floral arrangements and flower bouquets are delivered in the shortest possible time, all over the country!

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