Cancers and Korona Beer!

1.450,00 MDL

The Cancer and Beer Bouquet contains:

  • Beer Extra Crown
  • Crayfish in size M
  • Lemon
  • Decoration and others

* We do not produce these foods. They are delivered by us from our partners on the day of ordering. The quantity of the elements in the composition can be changed or replaced depending on the available stock.
Note: Pre-order at least 3 days before delivery!


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The words will be extra, simply crayfish are very appetizing, prepared with great care and attention. Extra Corona beer Golden color with a large white foam lid. Refreshing, light, dry aroma with hints of corn, berries, malt, bitterness, sweet taste. Shades of corn, biscuits and herbs are felt in the aroma. The beer is served cold. The ideal combination and gift for the ideal man!
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